Projects in progress


In cooperation with the DEDRAS organisation, which is active in Benin, three project proposals are being processed as pilot projects from a large package. The results of the water analyses confirm the presence of salmonella. Work on the 1st project should be completed by December 2019.

Malima Professional School in the village of Houakpê;

Clarification of the situation on site: Type of contamination (water is boiled today), quantities required and location for the safe installation of a water flow system.


Cooperation is planned with the Development Partnership for Cameroon, which runs a hospital in Ngaoubela, Tibati region. The required water tests are in progress.


Through the organization Ingénieurs et Architectes Solidaires, a waterflow system is to be installed in a school, this for drinking water purification and as a demo object for the students, who should get to know this method of drinking water treatment.

Ivory Coast

In cooperation with the organization Caboz Action, a waterflow system for the production of bacteriologically clean drinking water will be installed for a hospital.


Village Makaanii, water project: Friends of Makaani set up a drinking water system with the waterflow system donated by aqua pura.

Sierra Leone

aqua-pura and Noma Hilfe Schweiz will jointly improve the water supply of the Gila Hospital of the organisations Hilfe direkt Oldenburg in Bo / Sierra Leone. Clarifications with regard to further projects for the treatment of bacteriologically clean drinking water in neighbouring schools are planned.