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November 2018


Kenya, Kipteré: Kalyet B Primary School: Third Waterflow 500 system for clean drinking water


Kipteré is a village located about 25 kilometers from Kericho Town in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is a village inhabited by the Kipsigi-speaking people of Kalenjin. Kipteré comes from the word teret, a kipsigis word for "clay pots".


aqua pura donated a Waterflow 500 system for the school. In cooperation with the partner organization, the works for the drinking water supply with the local installers and electricians were successfully carried out. Thanks to the good work of the artisans, another school can benefit from clean water, which gives schoolchildren and residents in the village a better life.


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December 30, 2017


Kenya, Kipteré: Primary School Kakibei


Statement by Nadia Schloss, President of Thanks to generous support from aqua pura, we have installed a second water purification system at Kakibei Primary School. More than 500 other children will gain access to clean drinking water.


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July 2017


Kenya, Kimilili, District Bungoma: Orphanage and school


 A fourth Waterflow water treatment system was installed in Kimilili, Kenya. Thanks to the leadership of Leonie Neumann, a volunteer at, 30 orphans, 40 school children and 5 employees have access to bacteriologically clean drinking water.


The contaminated water comes from a rainwater storage. The kitchen under construction for 800 children will be connected to this water purification system in January 2018.


Local experts have reliably assembled the Waterflow 500 system donated by aqua pura. Up to 400 litres of bacteriologically clean drinking water flows per hour. Leonie Neumann, together with teachers, girls and boys are happy about the new source of drinking water. aqua pura thanks Leonie and the professionals for the clean work in favour of the children.


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May 2017


Kenya, Kambiti: Percy Davies Special School


At the Percy Davies Special School in Kambiti, Kenya, clean drinking water flows, thanks to the dedication of Dr. Victorio Torres, paediatrician.


The school accommodates 64 children with special needs. Some children are stigmatized because of their disability. They are rejected by their families and have to live in the school all the year long.


aqua pura donated the water purification system Waterflow 250, which delivers 250 to 400 litres of water per hour. The water flows from a farm in the mountains into the water tower with an elevated water tank and continues flowing through the water purification system. At the well, bacteria- and virus-free drinking water is available.


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April 2016


Kenya, Kambiti, Secondary School


Together with the Organisation Vihda (Dr. Victorio Torres), a second water project was implemented in the secondary school of Kambiti,

24 km from the hospital in Maragua.


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March 2016


Kenya, Kipteré: School


The water project in Kipteré was started in March 2012. In March 2016 it was rebuilt and expanded thanks to and aqua pura.


Tto be read in the newsletter of "600 school children benefit from clean drinking water thanks to the water purification system of aqua pura. In November 2015, an additional pump was installed and the clean drinking water flows more quickly into the thirsty throats of the children. At the end of 2015 the quality of the water was tested before and after the cleaning process. The results are clear. Thanks to the water purification system contaminated water endangering the health becomes germ-free drinking water."


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February 2016


Kenya, Kimilili: Orphanage and nursery


In 2014, aqua pura together with CBSM installed a waterflow 250 system. 300 children had and still have access to bacteriologically clean drinking water.


In the meantime, from 2014 till end of 2015, an orphanage and a nursery school were built. Today 800 children live there. For this reason, aqua pura together with CBSM decided to enlarge the safe drinking water installation by two additional 250 systems. Thanks to Francesco Tornese, volunteer of CBSM, these two projects could be implemented.


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Asante sana


December 2015


Kenya, Maragua: District Hospital


On occasion of the World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2015 the drinking water treatment plant in the Hospital of Maragua (Kenya) was put into operation.

Maragua is a city with nearly 31,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the highlands (1350 m) and 75 km outside Nairobi. Around Maragua mainly coffee is grown.

Together with the organization Vihda, aqua pura has implemented a drinking water project in the hospital of Maragua. Vihda is registered in Spain and Kenya as a non profit organization.

The whole drinking water project in the hospital of Maragua was implemented by Dr. Victorio Torres as a project manager. Victorio Torres is the founder and president of Vihda Spain and CEO of Vihda Kenya. Victorio Torres is a physician for paediatrics. For 14 years he has specialized in the fight against AIDS in Africa with emphasis on the health of mother and child. In Maragua hospital he directs the care services for HIV-infected pregnant women and their babies after birth.


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March 2012


Kenya, Kipteré: School


In Kipteré, the school uses the Waterflow System 500 to purify its drinking water taken from rain water. Rain water is often mistaken as being a pure source of drinking water. However, factors such as contact with surfaces like a roof or birds and other animals can cause contamination.


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